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We Love Technology

Want To Install A Home Theatre? 2 Things You Should Know Before You Get Started

by Sherri Mcdonalid

A home theatre in your home allows a great listening and viewing experience for you and your family. The sound will surround the entire room making anyone be able to hear well no matter where they sit. The system you set up can be simple as installing the LCD or LED TV along with a sound system. There is much more than you can do, however, to make a great home theatre system. Keep reading so you can make plans on how you want everything set up. 

Consider the Room

You need to take into consideration what you choose by the room you are planning to use for the home theatre system. If the room gets too much light the screen may get too much glare or reflections. This also may cause washed-out images from the screen projector. 

Another thing to consider is if the room is carpeted or not. Carpeted floors are much better as they will absorb unwanted audio sounds. Hardwood flooring will reflect sound, which can result in hearing uneven bass and echoes from the sounds. Where you and your family plan to sit in the room will determine the screen size so you will have the best experience. If the room is small a smaller screen would work but a larger screen would work better if the room was large.

Choose a Video Projector or a Television

When it comes to the screen this is one of the most important things. You can choose an LCD or LED TV or an OLED TV. These TVs have different HD resolutions for the images. You generally cannot get very large TVs for a home theatre system so consider the size you want. 

A video projector and a screen combination are what you want if you want a very large screen in the room. If you still want to use a smaller screen you can purchase a short-throw video projector for this that will work well in small rooms. The room does need to be as dark as it can get if you choose a video projector. The video projector will display very wide on a large screen. If you choose a TV, you need to make sure it sits at the best eye level for everyone to see well. You can set the TV on a stand or hang it on the wall.

There are many more things to consider when installing a home theatre system, such as the type of radio you want to use, subwoofers, preamplifiers, and much more. Because of this, hire a professional to install your home theatre system for you. For more information on home theatre installation, contact a professional in your area.